What is and Why Environment Monitoring?

Thanks to the advances made in the technology, the technical devices that have become an inseparable part of our daily life, are mostly very intelligent thus they contribute a lot and improve our daily lives! In every aspect of our lives these devices play an important role: our offices are located in Intelligent Buildings, our data is located on servers, the products that we buy are housed in warehouses that is controlled by high-tech equipment. Teknolojinin ilerlemesi ile sadece iş ortamında kalmayıp yaşamımızın her alanına giren teknik cihazların çoğu oldukça akıllılar, yaşamımızı kolaylaştırdıkları gibi verimliliğimizi de artırdıkları bir gerçek! Yaşamımızın her noktasında teknolojik cihazlar öneml

Yet we have no idea where these crucial equipment are housed! Is this a safe environment or not? Is it monitored on a 7/24 basis?

These places or as we commonly call them "Technical Facilities" are vulnerable to the following dangers:

  • Heat(Internal and External)
  • Uncontrolled Humidity
  • Water Leakage
  • Fire (Smoke)
  • Power (Electrical) Outage
  • Uncontrolled Access

Nearly all the electrical energy consumed by the computers is converted to heat. An average PC consumes 300-400 Watts of electrical energy. If you have 30 servers in your datacenter, each consuming 500 Watts... That is equivalent to say that they are producing a total heat of 15.000 Watts!

In case this heat is not taken away, the temperature of the room rises 7-8 °C every 30 minutes.

30 °C is the threshold of the "Flaky Operation" for the devices, at this point (as the internal temperature of the devices is always higher) unexpected random problems like shutdowns, slowness occur.

40 °C is where the non-reversible damage begins, as soon as the air conditioning equipment stops, the datacenter reaches this temperature within an hour. So, the Environment Monitoring Systems are a must for today's Technical Facilities.

The cost of ownership for a typical Environment Monitoring System is minimal compared to the value of the data at risk and even to the equipment cost.

One can conclude easily that the Environment Monitoring Systems should be at top of the list while designing or optimizing your Technical Facility.