Seber Technology Products

STE 2 WiFi Termometre
  • WiFi and Ethernet Connection
  • PoE Support
  • Out of the Box Plug and Play capability with one temperature sesor included
  • Monitoring and Setup via any browser window
  • Free Web Portal Connection
  • İphone, Android monitoring via SensDesk Portal
  • Support for 3 Digital Sensors
  • 2x Digital Inputs
  • Email alarm
  • SNMP support
  • 0.1 C Resolution

Damocles2 1208 provides 12 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs over the Ethernet and a secure Web interface. Secure communication supports connection to SNMP v3, SCADA systems and MQTT portals for IoT. Pulse counters on digital inputs.


Ares 12 is a GSM remote environment monitoring unit with back-up power. Ares 12 can be used wherever there is GSM coverage. Ares can be used to connect several different sensors, digital inputs and a module with digital relay outputs. Ares 12 includes a battery providing several hours of backup power. Alerts to power failures by email or SMS (up to 5 phone numbers). Ares can be connected to the online portal.