Seber Technology Products

  • Temperature range -40°C … +99°C
  • Accuracy better than ±0.5°C (typically 0.3°C)
  • Display with integrated rolling 30 day statistics memory
  • 7,770 data points allow 80 days of recording at 15 minute sampling intervals
  • Sampling interval configurable from 30 seconds to 60 minutes
STE 2 WiFi Termometre
  • WiFi and Ethernet Connection
  • PoE Support
  • Out of the Box Plug and Play capability with one temperature sesor included
  • Monitoring and Setup via any browser window
  • Free Web Portal Connection
  • İphone, Android monitoring via SensDesk Portal
  • Support for 3 Digital Sensors
  • 2x Digital Inputs
  • Email alarm
  • SNMP support
  • 0.1 C Resolution
 LogTag LTI - Arayüz Bağlantısı

Once connected to the USB port of your PC (RS232 also available) the interface cradle can be placed permanently yet unobtrusively on your desk, allowing fast throughput when processing multiple loggers.