LogTag TRIL-8/SRIL-8 - Low temperature data loggers with integrated sensor

The LogTag Dry Ice “Probe-less” Temperature Recorder operates, measures and stores up to 8000 temperature readings in temperature environments ranging from -80°C to +40°C (-112°F to +104°F).
 Intended for use in transit monitoring of articles stored in packaging incorporating dry ice cooling agents.

Available in single trip (SRIL-8) and multiple trip (TRIL-8) versions.

Applications: Transit monitoring of goods stored in packaging incorporating dry ice cooling agents


OK Indicator indicates if still recording and if readings within configured limits

Inspection mark in log by push button

Push Button Logging start with optional delayed start or specific Time & Date start

Rapid Download! Takes only seconds to download recordings

‘Pre-Start’ logging - Logtag can be configured to record even if it has not been started.

High performance at low cost

Credit card sized case –  thin enough to be easily mailed “letter rate”.

Real time clock records time & temperature simultaneously

Easy to use LogTag Analyser software that runs on any PC configures LogTag for recording then downloads resulting data for analysis. Data can also be exported to fomats compatible with other applications such as Excel

Re-calibration to achieve higher accuracy possible

Applications: Transit monitoring of goods stored in packaging incorporating dry ice cooling agents

LogTag TRIL-8 / SRIL-8 Specifications

Temperature range -80°C … +40°C

Accuracy up to ±1.0°C

8,000 logs

Smallest sampling frequency 1 minute

Minimum storage life of 12 months before ‘start’.

Single use version (SRIL-8) rated for a typical trip of 2 weeks duration at dry ice temperatures.
Multi-use version (TRIL-8) is rated for up to a total accumulative exposure of 1,000hrs @ -80°C across multiple trips

Note: TRIL-8 product shipped from January 2012 will now support an enhanced battery management system that rates the product multiuse for an accumulative exposure of up to 1,000 hours @-80°C. All new TRIL-8 product will require the LogTag Analyzer, software version 2.2r20 or later. Prior to January 2012 the TRIL-8 battery specification and management system limited the product to a total of 3 trips.

Technical Specifications...