Datacenter Solutions

What is expected from the systems housed in the datacenters is High Availability.

The High Availability of a datacenter requires strict procedures to be applied.First, a detailed Risk Analysis of all the systems and the whole facility needs to be made. Depending on the level of the Availability that is necessary for the operation, the systems and the infrastructure has to be backed up.
Therefore, during the design and implementation process two factors need to be taken into account:
1. Expertise
2. Coordination
In a datacenter built accordingly, either a growth or new systems implementation should be easily accomplished with minimum, or preferably no interruption in the services delivered.
Our Datacenter Solutions:
  • Datacenter Design and Budget Calculations
  • Presentation for the Upper Management
  • Security and Environment Monitoring
  • Audit and Optimization
  • Documentation, Operating Manuals
  • Operation
  • Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance